For nearly 50 years student achievement gap fails to close

Harvard-Stanford study finds opportunity gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students equivalent to three to four years of learning

Popular efforts to expand student safety may compromise school climate

Security technologies in schools correlated with increased student fear and mistrust of educators

Turkey wages multimillion-dollar takedown of U.S. charters

Gülen-linked schools suspected of funding global political movement

Student borrowers earn more credits, better grades

Being offered federal loans increases academic and long-term success for community college attendees

Teachers’ impact on student behavior matters more for student success than their impact on test scores

Current value-added models are insufficient to identify truly excellent educators

Quality homework shapes students’ learning beliefs and behaviors

Especially for disadvantaged students, homework is a tool for long-term success

Unfunded teacher health benefits reach $231 billion nationwide

Amid soaring obligations, expert offers recommendations for states to reduce financial burden

The 2018 EdNext Poll–Public support grows for increasing teacher salaries

Plus, charter schools and vouchers gain favor

Teacher coaching improves instruction and student achievement more than other forms of professional development

But larger programs less effective, suggesting difficulty of successfully taking them to scale

Mainstreaming does not equal access for students with disabilities, who often still lag behind peers

Evidence in favor of inclusion also fails to account for impact on peers and teachers

America’s private elementary schools increasingly serve the affluent

As the number of Catholic schools drops, fewer middle-income families enroll

Private colleges vulnerable to more closures amid financial pressure

Predicted drop in number of high school graduates forecasts mounting trouble for small schools

Elite public high school struggles to diversify student enrollment

Decades of failed admission and outreach procedures offer unexpected insight

ED’s Office of Inspector General not a neutral source of ed policy recommendations

By design, OIG prioritizes financial propriety above all else when examining complex issues

Despite retreat from Common Core, states set high proficiency standards for students

But rising expectations for performance fail to translate into learning gains

Ranking teacher-prep programs on value-added is usually futile

New analysis finds program rankings based on graduates’ value-added scores are largely random

Where has state funding for public colleges gone?

New analysis points to its displacement by soaring spending on public-welfare, particularly Medicaid

Why the charter movement can’t survive on networks alone

As independent charter schools struggle to grow, expert calls for return to roots

Assessing the Trump administration’s early impact on education

Have the President’s policies helped or harmed U.S. students?

Expert in child cognition recommends teacher preparation reforms

“Prepare teachers to be teachers, not scientists”

Online degree expands educational access for mid-career Americans

Georgia Tech’s online version of elite master’s degree in computer science fills gap in higher ed market

Experts debate the merits and design of statewide private school choice programs

A new forum for Education Next brings together experts to assess the research on these programs and the implications for whether and how states should design and oversee statewide choice programs.

Charter schools increasingly choose alternative pension plans when given the choice

New retirement options offer teachers portability and shorter vesting periods

Researchers identify top three reasons for charter growth slowdown in Bay Area

Lessons from California can inform expansion efforts nationwide

Charter schools benefit students in neighboring district schools

Positive effects found on test scores, grade completion, and more, increasing with proximity

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