“The 1619 Project” Enters American Classrooms

Adding new sizzle to education about slavery—but at a significant cost.

Should State Universities Downplay the SAT?

The merits and drawbacks of “test-optional” admissions

Standardized Tests Can Serve as a Neutral Yardstick

Forum: Should State Universities Downplay the SAT?

Test Optional Offers Benefits but It’s Not Enough

Forum: Should State Universities Downplay the SAT?

The Grade-Level Expectations Trap

How lockstep math lessons leave students behind

Education Reform and the Coronavirus

“In that longer-term sense, at least, the tasks of education and education reform, of teaching and learning, are every bit as life-and-death as anything happening in a hospital emergency room or intensive care unit.”

Better School Counselors, Better Outcomes

Quality varies, and can matter as much as with teachers

Lessons from the Renaissance

A review of “Virtue Politics,” by James Hankins

The Risk of Reducing Principles to Policies

A review of “Red State Blues,” by Matt Grossman

High-School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime

Fewer arrests where diplomas require a test

“We’re likely to face another wave of the virus”

Policy adviser John Bailey on deciding to close schools and how to prepare for fall

Service Learning in America

From “McService” to “life changing”

Summer School Is the New Summer Job

Why fewer teens are working—and why it matters

The Stubborn Myth of “Learning Styles”

State teacher-license prep materials peddle a debunked theory


Public-education reform in the nation’s capital

Now Trending: Chief Innovation Officers

New titles abound, but with limited evidence of real change

Building on Shaky Ground

Reforming a divided school system in Los Angeles

Is College Remediation a Barrier or a Boost?

Evidence from Tennessee

In Selecting, and Paying for, College, Choice Has Benefits

Reviews of “Choosing College” by Michael B. Horn and Bob Moesta and “Indebted” by Caitlin Zaloom

History, Critical and Patriotic

Americans need a history that educates but also inspires

In Fight Against Grade Inflation, Those Rare Tough Teachers Are Champions

The editor recalls the only “C” on his academic record, in high school calculus.

End the “Easy A”

Tougher grading standards set more students up for success

A Voice of the “Resistance,” Breathless and Crude

A review of “Slaying Goliath” by Diane Ravitch

A Charter Boost for Special-Ed Students and English Learners

Lessons in inclusion at Boston charter schools

Inclusion in Action

Expectations for all at Excel Academy

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