Behind the Headline: Slow learners at the 9th Circuit

By Education Next 05/19/2010

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Slow learners at the 9th Circuit
05/18/10 | The Washington Post

Behind the Headline
Credits Crunched
Fall 2009 | Education Next

On Thursday the Supreme Court will consider whether to reverse a ruling by the 9th Circuit that Arizona’s tax credit program violates the Establishment clause. “Surely this question was settled eight years ago in a decision that was the seventh consecutive defeat for the disgustingly determined people who are implacably opposed to any policies that enable parents who are not affluent to exercise the right of school choice that is routinely exercised by more fortunate Americans,” writes George Will. Marty West wrote about the case in the Fall 2009 issue of Education Next. He noted, “Seven years after Zelman, court challenges continue to shape the pace and trajectory of choice-based reform in Arizona and elsewhere. The constantly evolving nature of the complaints suggests that opponents’ objections are politically—not legally—motivated. It is unfortunate that they are succeeding in getting the courts to revisit policy decisions made by more representative bodies.”

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