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    W Stephen Wilson is a Professor of Mathematics at the Johns Hopkins University and a Professor in the School of Education. He has been Chair of the Department of Mathematics. His 1972 Ph.D. in mathematics is from M.I.T. He spent 8 months of 2006 as the Senior Advisor for Mathematics, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, United States Department of Education and was one of the coauthors of the Fordham Foundation Report: The State of State MATH Standards, 2005. He helped revise the Washington State K-12 mathematics standards and evaluate textbooks for the state. He has helped out with numerous smaller projects on standards, curricula, and textbooks. More recently he reviewed drafts of the new Common Core Mathematics Standards for the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers and drafts of PARCC's mathematics Framework. He is the author of the mathematics portion of the October 2009 Fordham Institute report "Stars by which to Navigate? An Interim Report on Common Core, NAEP, TIMSS, and PISA and one of the authors of the Fordham Institute's report "The State of State Standards - and the Common Core - in 2010." He has over 60 research papers in mathematics, specializing in algebraic topology.


The Common Core Math Standards

Are they a step forward or backward?

SUMMER 2012 / VOL. 12, NO. 3

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