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Nathan Glazer

Nathan Glazer is professor emeritus of sociology and education at Harvard University and a contributing editor of The New Republic. A leading authority on issues of race, immigration, urban development and social policy in the United states, he is the author of numerous books including We Are All Multiculturalists Now, Beyond the Melting Pot and The Lonely Crowd (with David Riesman). He also wrote the oft-cited article “Schools of the Minor Professions.” Glazer was formerly an assistant editor of Commentary magazine and a co-editor of The Public Interest, as well as being a past professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley. He has held Guggenheim Fellowships and Fulbright grants, been granted honorary degrees by a number of colleges and universities, and has served on Presidential task forces on education and urban policy and the National Academy of Science’s committees on urban policy and minority issues. Glazer holds a Ph. D. in sociology from Columbia University, a master’s in anthropology and linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor of special studies from the City College of New York.

Published Articles & Media

Grading the President

With Race to the Top, Obama earns a B+ in ed reform

Moynihan Redux

Sadly, still more single-parent families. A review of Mitch Pearlstein's "Shortchanging Student Achievement: The Educational, Economic, and Social Costs of Family Fragmentation"

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It depends on raising the competence of a workforce of millions

Green Dot Takeover

The Locke school story leaves questions unanswered

Cautionary Tale

Review of Schoolhouse of Cards by Eugene Hickok and Collision Course by Paul Manna

Whatever Happened to Integration?

Review of Five Miles Away, A World Apart by James E. Ryan

E Pluribus Plures

Review of Jeffrey E. Mirel's Patriotic Pluralism

Lessons from a Reformer

Review of Larry Cuban's As Good As It Gets

Equal Knowledge

Review of E. D. Hirsch Jr.'s The Making of Americans

Tale of Two Cities

Review of Gerald Grant's Hope and Despair in the ?American City

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