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Joshua Dunn is professor of political science at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs. His research focuses on judicial policymaking and in particular the influence of the courts on education. He is the author of Complex Justice: The Case of Missouri v. Jenkins (University of North Carolina Press 2008) and the co-editor, with Martin West, of From Schoolhouse to Courthouse: The Judiciary’s Role in American Education (Brookings 2009). He also authors a quarterly article on law and education for Education Next.

Published Articles & Media

Strange Bedfellows

Students find unexpected ally in the Christian Right

Christian Law Firms Are Leading Defenders of Free Speech in Schools

In “Strange Bedfellows,” Martha Derthick and I wrote on a case out of Texas, Palmer v. Waxahachie Independent School District, that brought two unusual groups together on the same side: supporters of John Edwards and Christian conservatives.

Supreme Modesty

From strip searches to school funding, the Court treads lightly

Legal Beat Update

The new issue of Education Next includes a “legal beat” column by Martha Derthick and myself that discusses three important rulings from the Supreme Court’s last term. “Receiving almost no attention but potentially of utmost significance,” we wrote, “was Horne v. Flores, a case about English-language learning in which the court divided narrowly along ideological lines, with Kennedy joining the five-member majority.” Anyone doubting the potential significance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Horne v. Flores should consider two recent developments in Florida and Colorado.

Colorado Supreme Court Jumps into the Abyss of School Finance

Colorado’s state Supreme Court defied national trends on Monday, handing down a decision in Lobato v. State that thrusts the judiciary into the middle of the state’s educational finance disputes.

Another Lemon

Florida’s charters under attack


Schools Win in Court

Language Barriers

Arizonans battle federal court order to spend more

Home Schoolers Strike Back

California case centers on parents' rights

Court Jousters

Plaintiffs exploit weaknesses in NCLB

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