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Danielle Dreilinger

Danielle Dreilinger is an education reporter based in New Orleans. Her book The Secret History of Home Economics comes out in May 2021.

Published Articles & Media

Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. stands in front of a class at Edward Hynes Charter School after the school resumed in-person learning in October 2020.

What’s Next in New Orleans

The Louisiana city has the most unusual school system in America. But can the new board of a radically decentralized district handle the latest challenges?
Newly-elected Orelans Parish School Board members, from left: Katie Baudouin, Olin Parker, J.C. Romero, and Carlos Zervigon.

New Faces, New Problems for New Orleans School Board

In all-charter district, winning candidates have limited power

How To Make School Start Later

Early-morning high school clashes with teenage biology, but change is hard

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