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    Allison Hertog is an attorney and the founder of Making School Work, P.L., a private law firm dedicated to advocating for students with special needs. She is one of only a handful of attorneys in the country with a masters degree in special education.


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Cheese, Charter Schools & Promising Developments in Special Ed

Why some of the most competent charters are choosing to become their own LEAs and take full responsibility for special education


Charter Schools, the Time Is Now to Take on Special Ed in a Big Way

What does it take for charters to achieve success with kids who have disabilities? Something not so different from what works with low-income kids.


Are New York’s New Diploma Options the Future of the Common Core?

As an advocate for struggling learners, I support the Common Core. Why? For these students, there’s nothing more effective than high expectations and accountability. The Common Core is tough love.


The Promising Future of Virtual spEd

The more customization a student requires, as is often the case with kids with special needs who need adaptations in pacing, methodology, presentation and curriculum, the more attractive virtual ed can be.

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