What We’re Watching: Condi Rice on Education As National Security Challenge

Jeb Bush announced yesterday that he was handing over control of his education foundation to Condoleezza Rice. In this PBS interview from March 2012, Rice discussed a report linking education to national security.

What We’re Watching: On the Rocketship

On June 26 at 4pm, the Fordham Institute will host a panel to discuss Richard Whitmire’s new book, On the Rocketship: How Top Charter Schools are Pushing the Envelope.

What We’re Watching: The Authorizer Effect

The EWA national seminar included a panel on the impact of high-quality charter authorizing.

What We’re Watching: More Easily Firing Bad Teachers Helps Everyone

Eric Hanushek discusses the Vergara v. California ruling.

What We’re Watching: Ed Reform 101

A 10-week online course on education policy offered by 50CAN and Fordham is now accepting applications.

Ed Next Book Club: Sam Chaltain on Our School

Mike Petrilli talks with Sam Chaltain about schools, community, and choice.

What We’re Watching: Expanding the Education Universe

Michael Brickman explains the benefits of course choice policies and describes how states can promote them.

What We’re Watching: Central Standard on Education

A documentary web series follows five 8th grade students in the Chicago area as they apply to selective enrollment high schools.

What We’re Watching: Lessons from Singapore

Professor Lee Sing Kong gave a presentation for the Rodel Foundation in Delaware on teacher training in Singapore.

What We’re Watching: What Is Common Core?

Mike McShane of AEI explains why the new standards have become so controversial.

What We’re Watching: Improving Teacher Evaluations

Sandi Jacobs, Russ Whitehurst, Matt Chingos and Dan Goldhaber discuss a new study that finds several problems with evaluating teachers based on classroom observations.

What We’re Watching: Not Just the Problems of Other People’s Children

A new study finds that U.S. schools do as badly at teaching students from better-educated families as they do at teaching students from less well-educated families.

What We’re Watching: Closing Arguments in Vergara v. California

Students Matter has posted Marcellus McRae’s closing arguments in Vergara v. California, which challenges the state’s laws regarding teacher tenure, seniority and dismissal,

What We’re Watching: What Does Common Core Implementation Look Like?

PBS NewsHour asked student reporters to interview their teachers about how their teaching is affected by the new standards.

What We’re Watching: What’s Driving Gains in Graduation Rates?

PBS NewsHour on a new report that finds that graduation rates have reached 80 percent.

What We’re Watching: Teachers Versus the Public

The Hoover Institution and PEPG live-streamed a discussion about Teachers Versus the Public: What Americans Think about Schools and How to Fix them, a new book by Paul E. Peterson, Michael Henderson and Martin R. West.

What We’re Watching: Mike Petrilli talks Common Core on C-SPAN

Mike Petrilli appeared on Washington Journal to discuss the role of the Common Core in education policy and debates over the adoption of the standards in various states.

What We’re Watching: State Education Agencies: The Smaller the Better?

Fordham hosted a panel on April 24 to discuss whether SEAs should be shrunk and their responsibilities given to others.

What We’re Watching: A Charter School Authorizer in Action

Watch the D.C. Public Charter School Board as it considers new charter school applications and other policies. Tonight’s meeting will be streamed live starting at 6:30 pm.

What We’re Watching: Ken Burns’ Documentary on the Greenwood School

“The Address” focuses on students at the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont, who are encouraged to memorize and recite the Gettysburg Address.

What We’re Watching: A High School That Teaches Students to Fly

Students at Davis Aerospace, a public school in Detroit, can earn a pilot’s license.

What We’re Watching: All Students Can

Ed Trust on how all students can achieve at higher levels.

What We’re Watching: Closing the Language Gap

A gadget that counts words spoken to children is used to help close the “word gap” between affluent and low-income families (NYT)

What We’re Watching: Do American Kids Have Too Much Homework?

Most students are not overloaded with homework, according to a new Brookings report by Tom Loveless.

What We’re Watching: ‘Controlled Choice’ in Washington, D.C.

Should Washington, D.C. assign students to schools in a way that provides some socioeconomic integration? Fordham hosts a discussion Friday at 10.

What We’re Listening To: Universal Pre-K and Charter Schools in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks education on the Brian Lehrer show.

What We’re Watching: Bill Gates on the Common Core

George Stephanopoulos interviews Bill Gates on the Common Core.

What We’re Watching: All Teachers Can

Ed Trust on how strong, dedicated teachers with high expectations can help all students reach high standards.

What We’re Watching: Student Films about Technology in Education

“Thru the Lens of a Tiger” is one of 16 films made by students about technology in the classroom for the White House Student Film Festival.

What We’re Watching: ‘Chicagoland’ Trailer

CNN’s new documentary series “Chicagoland” premiers Thursday night at 10 pm. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to close dozens of public schools will be one of the topics of the first episode.

What We’re Watching: Charter School Hearing on the Hill

The Education & the Workforce Committee will hold a hearing at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday to discuss the role of charter schools in K-12 education.

What We’re Watching: The Whole Gritty City

A new documentary follows the lives of students in three school marching bands in New Orleans.

What We’re Watching: Voucher Researchers Respond to Obama

Researchers respond to the assertion by President Obama that school vouchers have produced few benefits for students.

What We’re Watching: Public Pension Reform

On Wednesday at 10 am, Brookings will host a live webcast to accompany the release of two papers that spotlight pension reform efforts.

What We’re Watching: Expanding Access to Great Teachers

Fordham hosted a forum on how to ensure that more students have access to the best teachers.

What We’re Watching: Sal Khan on Blended Learning

The founder of Khan Academy delivered the keynote address at the Hoover Institution’s Symposium on Blended Learning in K-12 Education.

What We’re Watching: 2013 Urban Innovator Award

The Manhattan Institute presented its Urban Innovator Award to Christopher Cerf, New Jersey’s state commissioner of education.

What We’re Watching: The Student and the Stopwatch

How much time is spent on testing in America’s schools? Fordham and Teach Plus hosted an event featuring new evidence.

What We’re Watching: Vergara v. CA Opening Remarks PowerPoint

The slide show accompanying the opening remarks in the Vergara v. CA case lay out the case against existing teacher tenure, seniority, and dismissal policies.

What We’re Watching: American Promise on PBS

American Promise, a documentary film about two African-American boys attending an elite private school in New York City, will be shown on PBS on Monday, February 3.

What We’re Watching: The Story of Rural Charter Schools

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has a video on charter schools in rural settings. For information about policies affecting rural charter schools, Andy Smarick will present findings from a new report at a webinar on Thursday.