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Winter 2011 / Vol. 11, No. 1


Diplomatic Mission

President Obama’s path to performance pay

All Together Now?

Educating high and low achievers in the same classroom

The Middle School Mess

If you love bungee jumping, you’re the middle school type

Teaching Math to the Talented

Which countries—and states—are producing high-achieving students?


The challenges of keeping kids in school

Meeting of the Minds

The 2010 EdNext-PEPG Survey shows that, on many education reform issues, Democrats and Republicans hardly disagree


Does Competition Improve Public Schools?

New evidence from the Florida tax-credit scholarship program

By Cassandra M.D. Hart and  
Journal, Research, State and Federal  


The $500 million Question

Can charter management organizations deliver quality education at scale?

By Kevin Hall and Robin Lake  
Charter Schools, Forum, Journal, Vouchers  



How Schools Spend Their Money

Review of Marguerite Roza’s Educational Economics

E Pluribus Plures

Review of Jeffrey E. Mirel’s Patriotic Pluralism


Texas Tackles the Data Problem

New system will give teachers information they can use

Wasting Talent

Everyone’s local school needs to do better

Educational Providence

New York courts close one door, federal money opens another

Data-Driven and Off Course

An English teacher’s view

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