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Winter 2013 / Vol. 13, No. 1


Reform Agenda Gains Strength

The 2012 EdNext-PEPG survey finds Hispanics give schools a higher grade than others do

Solving America’s Math Problem

Tailor instruction to the varying needs of the students

The Elephant in the Classroom

Why is diversity so hard to manage?

Diverse Charter Schools

Popular, controversial, and a challenge to run successfully

School Choice Marches Forward

2011 a year of new laws and new lawsuits


School Leaders Matter

Measuring the impact of effective principals

By Gregory F. Branch, , and  
Journal, Research  

A Double Dose of Algebra

Intensive math instruction has long-term benefits


First, We Need a Brand New K–12 System

Part 1 of a forum on whether digital learning can transform education

As Digital Learning Draws New Users, Transformation Will Occur

Part 2 of a forum on whether digital learning can transform education



Belmont and Fishtown Part Ways

A review of Charles Murray’s Coming Apart

Primer on Success

A Review of Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed


Setting Students Up for Success

Create the path of least resistance

By Rebecca Friedman with Chavi Abramson  
Briefs, Inside Schools, Journal, School Life  

Newark’s Superintendent Rolls Up Her Sleeves and Gets to Work

A conversation with Cami Anderson

A River of Data

Making the learning experience more effective

Can Carrots Become Sticks?

Court knows coercion when it sees it

A Takeover Tale

A review of the new movie “Won’t Back Down”

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