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Summer 2010 / Vol. 10, No. 3


Competition Makes a Comeback

Academic bees and bowls attract top students

Edutopian Vision

George Lucas reimagines the American classroom

Fueling the Engine

Smarter, better ways to fund education innovators

Palace Revolt in Los Angeles?

Charter school and Latino leaders push unions to innovate

By Bruce Fuller  
Charter Schools, Features, Journal, Vouchers  


Evaluating NCLB

Accountability has produced substantial gains in math skills but not in reading

School-Finance Reform in Red and Blue

Where the money goes depends on who’s running the state

By Christopher Berry and Charles Wysong  
Courts and Law, Journal, Research  


An Effective Teacher in Every Classroom

A lofty goal, but how to do it?

By Kati Haycock and  
Forum, Journal, Teachers and Teaching  


A Closer Look at Charter Schools and Segregation

Flawed comparisons lead to overstated conclusions


Look in the Mirror

Review of William A. Fischel’s Making the Grade

Equal Knowledge

Review of E. D. Hirsch Jr.’s The Making of Americans


No Federal Case

Court says charter school is not a state actor

Competition and Charters Spur Innovation

School markets are creative, not static

Out of the Mainstream

Staying there isn’t easy

By Lynne Blumberg  
Briefs, Journal, School Life  

Bye-Bye Blackboards

Interactive and expensive, whiteboards come to the classroom

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