Education Next Issue Cover

Summer 2012 / Vol. 12, No. 3


Teaching the Teachers

Achievement Network offers support for data-driven instruction

Fight Club

Are advocacy organizations changing the politics of education?

Special Choices

Do voucher schools serve students with disabilities?

Michigan’s Chartering Strategy

Choice and competition are good for authorizers, too


Great Teaching

Measuring its effects on students’ future earnings

Do Schools Begin Too Early?

The effect of start times on student achievement


The Common Core Math Standards

Are they a step forward or backward?


Neither Broad Nor Bold

A narrow-minded approach to school reform


Best Practices Are the Worst

Picking the anecdotes you want to believe: A book review of Marc Tucker’s “Surpassing Shanghai”

Moynihan Redux

Sadly, still more single-parent families. A review of Mitch Pearlstein’s “Shortchanging Student Achievement: The Educational, Economic, and Social Costs of Family Fragmentation”

Hyper Hype

Will digital learning be killed by kindness?


Door Still Closed

Alabama plaintiffs lose federal school finance challenge

When Education Reform Gets Personal

Confessions of a policy-wonk father

The Newsroom’s View of Education Reform

Surprise! The press paints a distorted picture

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