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Spring 2016 / Vol. 16, No. 2


Connecting to Practice

How we can put education research to work

How Family Background Influences Student Achievement

Can schools narrow the gap?

The Immensity of The Coleman Data Project

Gaining clarity on the report’s flaws will improve future research

Schools of Choice

Expanding opportunity for urban minority students

In Schools, Teacher Quality Matters Most

Today’s research reinforces Coleman’s findings

Desegregation Since the Coleman Report

Racial composition of schools and student learning

Game Plan for Learning

Building on Coleman’s early theories, new academic competitions motivate students to achieve

What Matters for Student Achievement

Updating Coleman on the influence of families and schools

The Life and Times of James S. Coleman

Hero and villain of school policy research





High-Achieving Countries Leave America Behind

A review of “Failing Our Brightest Kids” by Chester E. Finn Jr. and 
Brandon L. Wright

In Newark, a Gift Wasted?

A review of “The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?” by Dale Russakoff


Teacher, Mentor, Colleague

James Coleman generously shared his knowledge and expertise

James S. Coleman: Education’s North Star

For half a century, Coleman’s work has altered the shape of education research, school politics, and school policy.

Uncommon Confusion

Washington Supreme Court strikes down charter schools

The Ideal Blended-Learning Combination

Is one-third computer time about right?

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