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Fall 2010 / Vol. 10, No. 4


Advocating for Arts in the Classroom

Academic discipline or instrument of personal change?

Invisible Ink in Teacher Contracts

State policy trumps collective bargaining

The Long Reach of Teachers Unions

Using money to win friends and influence policy

Authorizing Charters

Helping mom-and-pops in Ohio

By Terry Ryan, Michael B. Lafferty, and  
Charter Schools, Features, Journal, Vouchers  

State Standards Rise in Reading, Fall in Math

Most state standards remain far below international level

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Stuck in the Middle

How and why middle schools harm student achievement

By Jonah E. Rockoff and Benjamin B. Lockwood  
Inside Schools, Journal, Research  

Grading Schools

Can citizens tell a good school when they see one?


Is Desegregation Dead?

Parsing the relationship between achievement and demographics

By Susan Eaton and  
Courts and Law, Forum, Journal  



Lessons from a Reformer

Review of Larry Cuban’s As Good As It Gets


We Know Our Schools

All school evaluations, like all politics, are local


New front opens in the math wars

School on the Inside

Teaching the incarcerated student

By David Chura  
Briefs, Journal, School Life  

Luck of the Draw

Review of The Lottery (2010), Directed by Madeleine Sackler

School Reform Hits the Big Screen

Why 2010 is a banner year for the education documentary

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