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Fall 2013 / Vol. 13, No. 4


Competition with Charters Motivates Districts

New political circumstances, growing popularity

By Marc J. Holley, Anna J. Egalite, and Martin F. Lueken  
Charter Schools, Features, Journal, Vouchers  

Digital Roundup

States legislatures scramble to boost, or in some cases block, online learning

The Promise of Personalized Learning

Blending the human touch with technological firepower

The School Administrator Payoff from Teacher Pensions

The “stewards” of the system benefit the most

By Cory Koedel, Shawn Ni, and Michael Podgursky  
Features, Journal, School Spending  

Despite Common Core, States Still Lack Common Standards

Students proficient on state tests but not national

Limits on Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin succeeds in cutting costs


Graduations on the Rise

The 2000s saw boost in U.S. students completing high school

Expanding College Opportunities

Intervention yields strong returns for low-income high-achievers


Strengthen State Oversight of Teacher Preparation

Forum: The Quest for Better Educators

Training Must Focus on Content and Pedagogy

Forum: The Quest for Better Educators



Cultural Exchange

“The Immigrant Advantage: What We Can Learn from Newcomers to America about Health, Happiness, and Hope” by Claudia Kolker, as reviewed by Nathan Glazer

The Quest for Rationalization

“The Allure of Order” by Jal Mehta, as reviewed by David Steiner

The Courage to Act

“Radical: Fighting to Put Students First,” by Michelle Rhee, as reviewed by Mark Bauerlein


Equity Trumps Excellence

Among news media, competition less important than achievement gap

While K–12 Schools Resist, Digital Learning Disrupts Higher Education

Although digital learning is making definite advances, it has yet to disrupt secondary education.

Lessons in Cyberspace

Teachers adapt what they find to what their students need

More School Dollars!

School finance claims shuffle back to life

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