Why Los Angeles Teachers May Strike

By 01/07/2019

From 2001 to 2016, the Los Angeles Unified School District increased overall spending by 55.5 percent, but employee benefit costs soared 138 percent.

In the News: A New Center Being Born

By 01/04/2019

The idea of balancing school choice with smart regulation is just one of the policies being embraced by a new think tank devoted to moderation.

In the News: Should a College Diploma Be a Goal for All?

By 01/03/2019

The New York Times published an interesting batch of letters in response to an op-ed by Oren Cass arguing that our education system spends too much money on college students and not enough on other students. Several Education Next writers have also considered whether college should be the goal for all students.

In the News: Betsy DeVos Revokes Obama Discipline Guidance Designed to Protect Students of Color

By 01/01/2019

On Friday, December 21, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos formally rescinded guidance created by the Obama administration on school discipline.

Ten Education Stories We’ll Be Reading in 2019

By 12/31/2018

As we bid adieu to 2018 and look forward to another year of tranquility and comity, it’s time for my annual prognostications.

The Unified Education Reform Team Is No More, But That’s Ok

By 12/21/2018

Those who want to improve kids’ opportunities are searching in lots of different places for different types of solutions.

In the News: Visiting Families at Home Leads to Better School Attendance

By 12/21/2018

Phyllis Jordan of FutureEd takes note of a recent evaluation of a program in which teachers visit the homes of their students, noting encouraging reductions in absenteeism and gains in achievement.

In the News: 11 Charts That Changed the Way We Think About Schools in 2018

By 12/21/2018

Among the list of “top charts of 2018” highlighted by Kevin Mahnken in the 74 is this chart showing a significant decline in the percentage of middle class families sending their children to private schools.

If You Want a Content-Rich Curriculum for All, Don’t Ignore School Choice

By 12/20/2018

School choice is not a distraction from the critical work of convincing educators that all children benefit from access to rich, curricular content.

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