New ‘Knowledge Mapping’ Tool Evaluates English Language Arts Curricula

By 02/14/2019

Tool allows education leaders to see the degree to which their curriculum builds critical background knowledge and aligns with their vision and priorities.

In the News: At House Education Hearing, Lawmakers Differ Sharply on Why Teachers Are Underpaid

By 02/13/2019

Sharp rise in the number of non-teacher staff cuts into funds available for higher salaries for teachers.

Latest Gates Letter Tackles Transition Away From Textbooks

By 02/12/2019

Bill and Melinda Gates are out with their latest annual letter discussing their philanthropy, and a chunk of it relates to education.

School Choice Supporters Weigh Bold Move in Florida

By 02/12/2019

But some lawmakers prefer to push the choice agenda incrementally

Behind Trump’s School Choice Sentence, A Longer Story

By 02/08/2019

The transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech that was released by the White House mysteriously capitalized the phrase “School Choice,” as if it were the title of a law: “To help support working parents, the time has come to pass School Choice for Americans’ children.”

We Can’t Just Invest in Building Great Curricula

By 02/08/2019

We need to invest in marketing them, too.

In the News: Cory Booker’s School Reform Instincts

By 02/07/2019

Last week, Sen. Cory Booker announced that he will enter the 2020 presidential race. There is already great interest in how Booker’s support for school choice and his education record as mayor of Newark will be viewed by voters.

Teacher Salaries, Benefits, and Incentives All Leading to Strike Talk in Denver

By 02/05/2019

Debate is focused on a pay-for-performance program but benefit costs loom in the background.

Straight Up Conversation: AltSchool Chief Impact Officer Devin Vodicka

By 02/01/2019

AltSchool partners with 25 districts and schools to implement technology-enabled personalized learning. It also operates four tuition-funded lab schools in San Francisco and New York City.

K-12 Schools Aren’t Getting Disrupted, but Markets that Provide Resources to Schools Are

By 01/31/2019

Edtech entrepreneurs and school choice advocates sometimes invoke disruptive innovation as an indomitable force that will redeem and transform broken school systems.

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