Three Win-Win Opportunities for Middle- and Low-Income Students

By 07/30/2019

Alongside the focus on high-need students, we must not forget middle class students.

In the News: US Fertility Rate Falls to ‘All-Time Low,’ CDC Says

By 07/26/2019

CNN reports on a new data brief from the National Center for Health Statistics showing that the general fertility rate for 2018 “fell to another all-time low.”

Education Policy Helped These States Beat the Socioeconomic Curve

By 07/25/2019

Indiana, Florida, Mississippi show signs of recent progress.

Bloomberg Pushes Democratic Presidential Candidates on Charter Schools

By 07/24/2019

“Let’s face it, the problem in our schools isn’t just money”

In the News: Civil Rights Commission Calls for Schools to Combat Racial Disparities in Discipline

By 07/23/2019

The Washington Post reports on a new report from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about race and school discipline. In a 2018 blog post, Education Next executive editor Michael Petrilli wrote about “Why Disparate Impact Theory Is a Bad Fit for School Discipline.”

New Jersey’s Teacher Diversity Story Diverges from North Carolina’s

By 07/23/2019

“Reply with the grade you were in when you had your first nonwhite teacher”

A Rising Economic Tide + Reform + Resources = Better Results

By 07/22/2019

Can a winning combination be recreated?

The Education Policy Angle on “Fleishman Is In Trouble”

By 07/19/2019

“Homework!…The cost-benefit of after-school homework.”

Does the Baumol Effect Explain Rising College Costs?

By 07/18/2019

Salary data and the academic research undercut the notion that faculty pay is the key driver in price increases.

Gifted Education Faces “Clear and Present” Problems

By 07/18/2019

A new survey sheds light on public attitudes.

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