Exploring Education Data Reveals Increasing Diversity in Maryland Schools

A new tool makes historical education data easier to find.

Ban Public Schools

By 09/25/2019

The best defense against recent proposals to ban private schools? A good offense.

Straight Up Conversation: Microsoft Chief Talks Augmented Reality in Schools

By 09/23/2019

Dan Ayoub, who helms Microsoft’s education team after a decade leading the famed Halo gaming franchise, discusses the possibilities and pitfalls of bringing augmented and virtual reality to the classroom.

In the News: ASU Abandons the Global Freshman Academy Project and Moves Into an Open edX Initiative

By 09/20/2019

Education Next reported in its Spring 2019 issue on the challenges facing the ASU program. The article also reported on alternatives, including Modern States, which offers freshman year classes online for free .

States Can Foster Economic Opportunity by Promoting High-Value Credentials

By and 09/20/2019

The choices states make about which industry-recognized credentials “count” will either encourage learners down a meaningful career path or unwittingly steer them toward low-wage, low-skill jobs.

‘Adjunct Underclass’ Author Responds To Review

By 09/19/2019

‘Our tax starvation of public higher ed is a choice we’ve made.’

4 Poll Results That’ll Shape the 2020 Election Education Debates

By 09/19/2019

Parents prize academics, strict discipline.

Straight Up Conversation: The Woman Who’s Trying to Reimagine Testing

By 09/18/2019

Rebecca Kantar leads Imbellus, which has raised more than $24 million to build simulation-based assessments.

The Appeal of Alternative Education

By 09/16/2019

A path outside the conventional structure can save costs, enrich lives.

In The News: The Changing Face of School Integration

By 09/13/2019

A new report by the Washington Post shows the overall number of children attending U.S. public schools with students of other races has actually doubled over the past 25 years. At the same time, many urban schools remain deeply segregated. An analysis by Tomas Monarrez, Brian Kisida and Matthew M. Chingos in Education Next examined this issue in the context of charter schooling.

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