Newspaper Hit Piece on Charter Schools Misses The Mark

By 04/04/2019

Reader hours, reporter time disappear into flawed journalistic experiment

Are Career-Tech Students Preparing for Jobs That Actually Exist?

A new analysis links data on career and technical education course-taking to employment data.

Buttigieg Talks Charter Schools

By 04/04/2019

Warns “Free” College Is Less Progressive Than It Sounds

Three Thoughts on the Special Olympics Fiasco

By 04/02/2019

On occasion, policymakers have won through on once-unpopular proposals. But this requires diligence, constancy, and principle—traits the Trump administration seems to lack.

In the News: California’s K-12 Enrollment Drops Again, Charter Schools See Increase

By 04/01/2019

The number of students enrolled in California public schools this year dropped compared to last year. Declines like this make budgeting a difficult art.

A State School Board that Works

By 03/29/2019

In California, the state board of education works with the governor to accomplish long-term policy goals.

Straight Up Conversation: Teaching Matters CEO Lynette Guastaferro

By 03/29/2019

Lynette Guastaferro is the CEO of Teaching Matters, which currently serves 237 urban schools. Their programs include Early Reading Matters, which coaches teachers on how to better teach reading skills.

In the News: School Choice and Lotteries in D.C., New Orleans, and Beyond

By 03/28/2019

As public school choice grows, more cities are relying on centralized application processes to match as many students as possible to their top-ranked schools.

Resilience, Hope, and the Power of the Collective: What Puerto Rico Can Teach the States about Education Reform

By 03/27/2019

People don’t talk about “scaling” solutions in Puerto Rico. They create solutions and hope that others will do the same.

Teacher Pay Emerges As Democratic Primary Issue

By 03/26/2019

Call it the teacher primary.

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