Reflections of a School Reformer

By 06/05/2019

An interview with Bob Wise, who served as president of the Alliance for Excellent Education from 2005 until his recent departure.

New American Schools: A Short, Opinionated History

By 06/03/2019

New American Schools was an attempt to reinvent the school in a way that brought together best practices in a holistic way rather than implementing reforms piecemeal.

Spelling Bees and Tiger Woods

By 05/31/2019

Is it better for kids to specialize early or to try out a variety of activities, and what does this have to do with education policy?

In the News: Can You Skip 47 Days of English Class and Still Graduate From High School?

By 05/31/2019

School system officials say that unexcused absences do not directly factor into course grades because of the system’s “standards-based” approach.

Alternative Education: Rigor Redefined

By 05/30/2019

While rigor and standards are always important, the challenges faced by at-risk students create a rigor of their own.

In the News: Drowning in Debt From Employee Benefits and Unwilling to Reform, Los Angeles Unified School District Looks for Lifeline in Measure EE

By 05/30/2019

In Los Angeles, voters will weigh in on Measure EE, a ballot measure to raise funds for public schools, on June 4.

The Results of Florida’s Education Reforms Are Impressive. Their Return on Investment Is Totally Off the Charts.

By 05/28/2019

From the late 1990s until 2017, the reading performance of black fourth graders in Florida skyrocketed 26 points. For Hispanic students, the gain was 27 points, and for low-income kids it was an astonishing 29 points.

Straight Up Conversation: Emily Krone Phillips on Chicago’s ‘Freshman OnTrack’

By 05/24/2019

In Chicago, the metric Freshman OnTrack is more predictive of high school graduation than 8th grade test scores, neighborhood, race, or family income.

In the News: Sanders Chooses Teachers Unions Over Black Voters

By 05/24/2019

By taking on charter schools Bernie Sanders may be alienating black voters.

In the News: Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT

By 05/23/2019

The rise reflects parents trying to give their children an edge.

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