Learning about Learning

A review of Knowledge Capital of Nations by Eric A. Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann

Next Generation Virtual Programs

Through Course Access, students choose from a range of providers

Digital Games Promise to Improve Math Skills

An excerpt from Greg Toppo’s The Game Believes in You

New York City’s Small-Schools Revolution

Breaking up large high schools improved graduation rates

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Power to the People

A review of “The School Choice Journey” by Thomas Stewart and Patrick J. Wolf

Should Personalization Be the Future of Learning?

Benjamin Riley and Alex Hernandez square off

How NYC Expanded Its Charter Sector

An excerpt from Joel Klein’s Lessons of Hope

Turnaround School Districts

States try managing lowest-performing schools

A Breakout Role for Teachers

Excerpts from The Cage-Busting Teacher

Match Corps Goes National

Successful high-dosage tutoring model spreads to other schools

New Hampshire’s Journey Toward Competency-Based Education

State lifts barriers to innovation, allowing districts and charters to personalize learning

What Does Online Learning Look Like?

Examples from Florida and Pennsylvania

An Uncommon Leader

A review of No Struggle, No Progress by Howard Fuller

Revisiting the Moynihan Report on its 50th Anniversary

Education Next is running a series of articles on the state of the American family.

Modern Maturity for Charter Schools

Litigation shows they have arrived

The Top Education Next Articles of 2014

Just the facts, please!

Moving Toward a Teaching Profession

A review of The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein

Jeb Bush Speaks Out

Talking education policy with Florida’s former governor

Methodological Appendix for the Live Theater Experimental Study

Learning from Live Theater Education Next, Winter 2015 Empirical Strategy Because the randomized controlled trial approach has the important feature of generating comparable treatment and control groups, we can use a straightforward set of analytic techniques, designed for use in social experiments, to estimate the impact of a school field trip to see live theater […]

Criticizing Charter Schools for Lacking Diversity and Unions Misses the Point

A review of A Smarter Charter by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Halley Potter

Cracking the Code of Effective Teaching

A review of Elizabeth Green’s “Building a Better Teacher”

Accountability for Students: Exit Exams

An excerpt from What Lies Ahead for America’s Children and Their Schools, a new book edited by Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Richard Sousa

Standards and Testing in the Obama Administration

An excerpt from What Lies Ahead for America’s Children and Their Schools

Ending Our Neglect of Gifted Students

It’s a matter of fairness, equal opportunity , and long-term societal well-being.

Facing the Union Challenge

An excerpt from What Lies Ahead

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