How To Tackle Student Absenteeism

Late winter is a peak period for school absenteeism. How can schools best combat that problem?

Education Reform’s Deep Blue Hue

Are school reformers right-wingers or centrists — or neither?

Is Career and Technical Education Just Enjoying Its 15 Minutes of Fame?

Is the boom in career and technical education one more fad, or does it reflect something more substantial?

Article On School Choice Ignores Key Evidence

Existing body of research on the impact of school vouchers is both deep and broad.

New Title IX Rules Require Hearings, Cross-Examinations in Colleges But Not High Schools

Comment Deadline Nears For Proposed DeVos Policy

The Top 5 EdNext Podcast Episodes of 2018

The year’s most popular episodes, as measured by the number of listens

The Top 5 Education Exchange Episodes of 2018

The year’s most popular episodes, as measured by the number of listens

The Top 10 Education Next Blog Entries of 2018

The most popular entries on the Education Next blog based on readership

The Top 20 Education Next Articles of 2018

The most popular articles based on readership

Community Colleges and Career Education

New non-degree programs skip the general education requirements

Election 2018: The Voters Have Spoken

But what did they say about education?

How Personalized Learning Can Support Equity and Excellence

Driving on-grade-level learning, promoting rigorous problem-solving, and more

Develop and Validate — Then Scale

Lessons from the Gates Foundation’s Effective Teaching Strategy

Reflections on the Legacy of Bush-Obama School Reform

Why did initially promising, seemingly popular efforts at federal leadership lose their luster?

The Better Question: How Can We Improve Inclusive Education?

A response to “Has Inclusion Gone Too Far?”

How Can We Improve Special Education Without Asking Uncomfortable Questions?

A response to “The Better Question”

High Expectations Demand High Support

Strengthening college readiness at the California State Universities

Not Just What But Who You Know Matters

An Excerpt from Julia Freeland Fisher’s book “Who You Know”

How Did Major Newspapers Cover the 2018 Teacher Strikes?

Tens of thousands of teachers in six states walked out of their schools, attracting media attention across the country.

No, One Limited Study Does Not Prove School Vouchers Don’t Work

Students in the sample weren’t even participating in school-voucher programs

A Stubborn Excellence Gap

Despite efforts, diversity stalls at an elite public high school

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College Accreditation, Explained

An EdNext guide to how it works, who’s responsible for it, and more

Kickstarters for Personalized Learning

Local funds promote innovation—but for how long?

Debating Obama-Era Guidance on School Discipline

Should the Trump administration retain, revise, or rescind?

Don’t Walk Back Needed Discipline Reform

In 2014, the Obama administration’s Departments of Education and Justice took an important step to respond to the excessive and racially disparate removal of students from schools across America.

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