Gifted Education— What I Saw, What I’m Learning

I’ve visited eight countries to see how they educate their high-ability kids in the hope that we might pick up tips that would prove useful in improving the woeful state of “gifted education” in the U.S

America’s Schools Earn a ‘C’ on Their Report Card

NCLB needs a variety of (obvious) fixes, but abandoning accountability is not among them.

PISA and Occam’s Razor

What’s a better hypothesis for the lackluster math performance of our fifteen-year-olds? Maybe we’re just not very good at teaching math, especially in high school.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Besides its influential teacher union, Taiwan has a powerful parent union that appears to cause at least as much harm as it does good.

Japan’s Robin Hood School-Voucher Program

The Abe government has proposed to impose tuition charges for public high school attendance by children of wealthy families and to use the proceeds from that tuition charge to subsidize the attendance of low income children in private schools.

Playing in the Right League

Instead of being complacent about our international standings, we should focus on ways to get our students up to the top leagues.

Rising Expectations in Brazil and Chile

Reforms lift student performance but middle-class families want more

Flim-Flam Says Sports Are Bad for Student Achievement, Evidence Suggests Otherwise

There’s no reason to believe that the absence of high school sports explains the difference between student achievement in the US and countries like Finland and South Korea.

Common Core State Standards: Do You Need To Be Proficient In Order To Be Proficient?

Too many people ignore international comparisons and set low expectations for U.S. students and their schools.

Reforms That Cross the Atlantic—and Don’t

The U.S. and its “mother country” continue to track—and copy and study and refine—each other’s programs and policies.

Behind the Headline: U.S. Education Spending Tops Global List

The U.S. spends more than other developed nations on its students’ education, and brand-new and experienced teachers alike in the U.S. out-earn most of their counterparts around the globe, according to the OECD’s latest annual report, which was released Tuesday.

The School Inspector Calls

Low ratings drive improvements for schools in England

We Know the Answer, But What Is the Question?

We cannot paper over the fact that a large number of other countries have shown that it is possible to develop considerably higher skills in their youth than we are doing

Is the U.S. Catching Up?

International and state trends in student achievement

What We’re Watching: Does it Matter That the U.S. is Not Catching Up?

Paul Peterson and Eric Hanushek discuss their new report, which finds that the gains made by students in the U. S. are only middling compared to the gains being made by students in other countries.

International Benchmarking of Student Achievement

Most educational standard setting, performance assessment, and judgments about appropriate levels of achievement today are based on history and custom with a little bit of “professional dreaming.” The process generally lacks any context of what our international competitors are doing.

Supersize My Education? Not in Singapore

Is more education—more hours and days, more years and degrees—the cure for what ails us?

Best Practices Are the Worst

Picking the anecdotes you want to believe: A book review of Marc Tucker’s “Surpassing Shanghai”

When the Best is Mediocre

Developed countries far outperform our most affluent suburbs

View the Global Report Card
View the Methodological Appendix

What We’re Watching: The Other Achievement Gap

Are America’s highest achieving students being left behind? Watch the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s webinar “The Other Achievement Gap”

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Top U.S. School Districts Trail the Global Competition

Jay Greene discusses his Global Report Card, which reveals that even the most elite suburban U.S. school districts produce results that are mediocre when compared to those of international peers

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Students in Affluent School Districts Post Mediocre Results

Podcast: Jay Greene discusses his new study, which examines student achievement in virtually every school district in the United States and compares the performance of U.S. districts with the performance of students in 25 developed countries.

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Teachers Unions Here and There

I don’t always agree with Marc Tucker but he knows a heckuva lot about how other countries organize their education systems; and it turns out that knowledge extends to how their teacher unions have evolved, what roles the unions play, and how their bargaining processes work. The differences set forth in his exceptionally interesting new […]

Merit Pay International

Countries with performance pay for teachers score higher on PISA tests

Feeling Too Good About Our Schools

Each time international tests of student achievement are released, there is a parade of glib commentators explaining why we should not pay much attention to the generally poor performance of U.S. students.

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