The Education Exchange: A Lot of Lost Ground: Results from the Education Next Survey on Learning During the Pandemic

“Across a range of the questions that we asked, you see a more robust response in the charter school sector and in the private school sector.”

The Education Exchange: A Landmark Supreme Court Decision on Scholarships for Religious Schools

State constitutions cannot forbid legislatures from aiding religious schools.

The Education Exchange: How the “Structural Racism” Talk Undermines Individual Agency

Public Prep’s Ian Rowe on “the contrast between the 23 unarmed black people that were killed by police in 2018 and the more than three million who were in college or graduate school.”

The Education Exchange: How Do Charter Schools Affect Traditional Public Schools?

“We haven’t seen big negative effects really for anyone,” Marcus Winters says. “It puts the burden back on the side that would say that expanding charter schools harms public schools or harms kids in public schools.”

The Education Exchange: How America Responded to the Pandemic of 1957-58: “Almost the Exact Opposite of What We See Today”

“In 1957-58, there were no economic lockdowns. There weren’t even school closures,” Niall Ferguson says. “There was a consensus that the right thing to do was to keep the show on the road.”

The Education Exchange: Will Charter Schools Open This Fall?

“It’s very important to have some sort of solution to what you do with students in the fall, if you are interested in reopening the economy and sending their parents back to work,” Nina Rees says.

The Education Exchange: First Year of College Available Online, Tuition-Free

“A tripling of interest when coronavirus first broke out.”

The Education Exchange: Stanford-Affiliated Doctor Says Schools Should Open in September

Let science, not fear, drive our decisions, he says

The Education Exchange: Detroit Students Get U.S. Constitutional Right to a Basic Minimum Education. What Happens Next?

Lawyer Rocco Testani assesses the 6th Circuit’s recent decision in the Detroit schools case Gary B. v Whitmer: “in constitutional law, there is not a remedy to redress every social ill.”

The Education Exchange: “Some Fear and Some Anxiety”

Surveying Louisiana residents about their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Education Exchange: “Some School Districts Are Talking about not Reopening until Next January”

Robin Lake on moving from “a state of shock to providing ongoing education to kids”

The Education Exchange: From “Innovative” to “Rotten”—Online Learning Amid Covid-19

“What I’ve heard from a lot of homeschooling families is the moment you leave traditional school, you realize how much time is wasted.”

The Education Exchange: “People Want Their Kids Back in School”

Former Seattle superintendent Joseph Olchefske on the “checkerboard situation” of distance learning in response to coronavirus closures—and the “doomsday scenario” of it lasting through fall 2020.

The Education Exchange: “On Day One, We Were Ready”

Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho recounts a “seamless” transition to distance learning in response to the novel coronavirus—and predicts it will lead to “a new revolution of choice.”

The Education Exchange: The Link Between Charter School Market Share and Student Achievement

A senior research and policy associate at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, David Griffith, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss a new study that investigates whether student achievement increases as the market share of charter schools grows. Read Griffith’s full report, “Rising Tide: Charter School Market Share and Student Achievement.” Follow The Education Exchange on […]

The Education Exchange: Coronavirus Threatens Teacher Pensions

The director of the Sinquefield Center for Applied Economic Research at Saint Louis University, Michael Podgursky, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss what long-term economic effects are likely to result from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Education Exchange: How New York City’s Schools Are Changing

A senior fellow and director of education policy at the Manhattan Institute, Ray Domanico, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss how enrollment in district and charter schools in New York City is shifting.

The Education Exchange: What Colleges Deliver to Their Graduates

An Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas, Albert Cheng (pictured), joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss Cheng’s new paper, which reports findings from a survey of college alumni about their experiences in higher education and afterward.

The Education Exchange: Long-Run Trends in the Achievement Gap

The Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow in Education at the Hoover Institution, Eric Hanushek (pictured), joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss new findings on the gaps in educational achievement by socio-economic status. Hanushek and Peterson are co-authors of “Long-Run Trends in the U.S. SES-Achievement Gap,” with Laura M. Talpey and Ludger Woessman. This research […]

The Education Exchange: The Link Between Standardized Testing and Student Achievement

The director of the ifo Center for the Economics of Education, Ludger Woessmann, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss Woessmann’s new research that investigates how testing reforms relate to country performance on the Program for International Student Assessment tests over time.

The Education Exchange: More Evidence of Higher College Attainment from Milwaukee’s Voucher Program

A professor of education policy at the University of Arkansas, Patrick Wolf, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss Wolf’s latest findings from Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program. Wolf’s research explores whether voucher students are more likely to attain higher levels of education than their peers outside of the program.

The Education Exchange: The Gap Between High School Graduation and College Preparedness

A distinguished research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Macke Raymond, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss Raymond’s new paper that looks into rising high school graduation rates, and the gap between those high-school graduation requirements and the entry requirements for state universities.

The Education Exchange: How to Increase Stagnant Teacher Salaries

The Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow in Education, Eric Hanushek, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss a new paper that offers evidence on how states and localities can optimize teacher compensation.

The Education Exchange: Are Homeschooled Children Missing Out on Cultural Capital?

An assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma, Daniel Hamlin, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss research on whether homeschooled children have fewer opportunities to acquire cultural capital than their public school peers.

The Education Exchange: Student Test Scores in Newark Charter Schools

Marcus Winters, an associate professor in Boston University and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins Paul E. Peterson to discuss a new study by Winters that shows lasting test score gains for students at charter schools in Newark, N.J.

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