Higher Spending Associated with Higher Rates of Special-Education Identification

I can’t help but wonder whether the “New Normal” (most states finding resources much more limited) will drive down identification rates at a fast pace.

Rethinking Special Ed. Spending

Districts are struggling to stretch the school dollar as they deal with current and looming budget shortfalls. Yet, while they know it’s a huge cost center, few district leaders know how to effectively or legally pursue cost savings in special ed provision.

Is the Learning Disabilities Epidemic Waning?

Almost a decade ago, Fordham and the Progressive Policy Institute published a phone book-sized treatise, Rethinking Special Education for a New Century. One of its most important chapters was “Rethinking Learning Disabilities,” written by a who’s who of cognitive psychologists and reading experts, including Reid Lyon, Jack Fletcher, Sally Shaywitz, and Joseph Torgeson. They argued that most children with learning disabilities suffered from poor reading instruction, not an underlying neurological problem.

The Case for Special Education Vouchers

Parents should decide when their disabled child needs a private placement

The Special Ed D.C. Bubble

One of the (many) problems with education policy analysts is that a large number of them live in or around Washington, D.C.


Schools Win in Court

Free and Appropriate

Parent's wealth muddies special-education tuition case

Autism and the Inclusion Mandate

Daniel experiences the regular classroom

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