The Stress of This Moment Might Be Hurting Kids’ Development

But relationships, routines, and resilience can help

“The 1619 Project” Enters American Classrooms

Adding new sizzle to education about slavery—but at a significant cost.

The Title IX Spotlight Shifts from the Campus to the Schoolhouse

New federal rules aim at preventing sexual harassment and assault in elementary and secondary education

A Short-Lived Constitutional Right to Education

Full Sixth Circuit will rehear case of Gary B v. Whitmer

Should State Universities Downplay the SAT?

The merits and drawbacks of “test-optional” admissions

Public-School Attendance Zones Violate a Civil Rights Law

The Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974 may offer creative litigators a strategy to redraw school-assignment maps.

The Grade-Level Expectations Trap

How lockstep math lessons leave students behind

Education Reform and the Coronavirus

“In that longer-term sense, at least, the tasks of education and education reform, of teaching and learning, are every bit as life-and-death as anything happening in a hospital emergency room or intensive care unit.”

The Education of Bernard Bailyn

A youthful, parent-encouraged “addiction” to reading launched a scholarly career

Better School Counselors, Better Outcomes

Quality varies, and can matter as much as with teachers

A Blueprint for Back to School

What will it take to get schools ready?

Lessons from the Renaissance

A review of “Virtue Politics,” by James Hankins

The Risk of Reducing Principles to Policies

A review of “Red State Blues,” by Matt Grossman

High-School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime

Fewer arrests where diplomas require a test

New Financial Data Spotlight the District Role in Distributing Dollars Across Schools

Opportunities ahead for education leaders

Service Learning in America

From “McService” to “life changing”

Statewide Standardized Assessments Were in Peril Even Before the Coronavirus. Now They’re Really in Trouble.

To survive bipartisan backlash, tests will have to “actually help kids learn”

Summer School Is the New Summer Job

Why fewer teens are working—and why it matters

Should DeVos Ask Congress To Waive Parts of the Special Education Law amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The best cases for—and against—changing the rules.

Philadelphia Is Delaying Online Teaching for 7 Weeks. It Doesn’t Need to.

The district believes that only half its students have home internet. The true number may be closer to 80 to 90 percent.

How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Children’s Learning? Unequally.

It’s not a vacation. There’s still half a semester of curriculum to learn.

The Stubborn Myth of “Learning Styles”

State teacher-license prep materials peddle a debunked theory


Public-education reform in the nation’s capital

Where Left and Right Agree on Civics Education, and Where They Don’t

“One participant told the story of a high school teacher enthusiastically hosting a debate on abortion on the second day of the school year.”

Yes, It Really Is Harder to Get into Highly Selective Colleges Today

Comparison of SAT scores over time tells a story

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