What American Families Experienced When Covid-19 Closed Their Schools

Parents report little contact with teachers and less student learning, but also broad satisfaction; charter and private schools provide more opportunities for student-teacher interaction

Teachers Unions in the Post-Janus World

Defying predictions, they still hold major clout

“The 1619 Project” Enters American Classrooms

Adding new sizzle to education about slavery—but at a significant cost.

The Grade-Level Expectations Trap

How lockstep math lessons leave students behind

Service Learning in America

From “McService” to “life changing”

Summer School Is the New Summer Job

Why fewer teens are working—and why it matters

The Stubborn Myth of “Learning Styles”

State teacher-license prep materials peddle a debunked theory


Public-education reform in the nation’s capital

Building on Shaky Ground

Reforming a divided school system in Los Angeles

History, Critical and Patriotic

Americans need a history that educates but also inspires

End the “Easy A”

Tougher grading standards set more students up for success

Inclusion in Action

Expectations for all at Excel Academy

The Hoosier Way

Good choices for all in Indianapolis

Miami’s Choice Tsunami

Carvalho, competition, and transformation in Miami-Dade

Support Builds For Making the SAT Untimed For Everyone

A possible solution to the “Gaming the System” problem

A Digital Path to a Diploma

Online credit-recovery classes are a lifeline—and ripe for abuse

Has President Trump Scared Away All the Foreign Students?

The facts behind fears of a higher-education revenue recession

Public Support Grows for Higher Teacher Pay and Expanded School Choice

Results from the 2019 Education Next Poll

What Happened in the Bayou?

Examining the Effects of the Louisiana Scholarship Program

Going the Extra Mile for School Choice

How five cities tackle the challenges of student transportation

New York State Cracks Down on Jewish Schools

Senator Simcha Felder and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel meet the long shadow of Joseph Hodges Choate

Serving the Math Whiz Kids

Private enrichment programs step up to meet the need

Is Summer Learning Loss Real?

How I lost faith in one of education research’s classic results

How To Make School Start Later

Early-morning high school clashes with teenage biology, but change is hard

Supporting Students Outside the Classroom

Can wraparound services improve academic performance?

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