Shooting the Test-Messenger

Backlash is less about testing than about resisting results-based accountability

“Existential Fear and Constant Worry”

Stockton, California, school superintendent John Deasy on the Covid-19 crisis: “The daily death rates and new case announcements are very difficult to wrap your head around. It is like the shock of 9/11 every week.”

Federal Appeals Judges Discover Constitutional Right to “Basic Minimum Education”

Opinion cites 110-degree classrooms, “rodent feces” in Detroit schools.

Harvard Professor’s “Absurd” Claim that Homeschooling Is Child Abuse

Homeschooling legal group pushed to relax law governing abuse, neglect

Midday Yoga, The “Mute” Button, and Easier Differentiation: Why One Teacher Loves the Novel e-School

In the Coronavirus-Caused Distance Learning, a Silver Lining

Play Is Essential for All Children, Pediatricians Insist

The authors of Let the Children Play respond to a review

When Schools Closed by Coronavirus Will Reopen: a State-by-State List

Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado and Kentucky join the growing list of states that won’t re-open physical schools until August or September at the soonest. Our infographic gets a new update with the latest information.

AP Classes Move to YouTube with Unannounced Celebrity Guests

Trevor Packer, head of the Advanced Placement Program at the College Board, on offering tests and education amid the Coronavirus crisis.

When Schools Closed by Coronavirus Will Restart

Eleven more states, plus Washington, D.C., announce that they will close their school buildings until at least August or September 2020. Our infographic on earliest possible Covid-19 school reopening dates gets a new update.

“The Decision To Reopen Will Be Much More Difficult”

Former Montgomery County Superintendent Josh Starr on the “hurry up and wait” coronavirus reality for school leaders.

In California, Common Core Has Not Failed

An Education Next forum draws a response from a former president of the California State Board of Education.

Coronavirus Could Spur Shift to Year-Round School Schedule

“Consider calling it summer at this point and adjust to a new calendar.”

Daddy School: Week 2

Current events, Khan Academy math, cartooning, and an apprenticeship in watching TV.

When Will School Reopen after the Coronavirus?

In 21 states, school buildings won’t reopen until August or September at the earliest. Our 50-states plus D.C. infographic gets an update with the latest information on closures and reopenings.

Using Transparency To Create Accountability When School Buildings Are Closed and Tests Are Canceled

The districts and schools most likely to succeed in remote education will be those that provide a substantial amount of synchronous instruction and live student–teacher interaction.

Four Lessons We’ve Learned from Moving Online

Students with ADHD, executive function challenges, and anxiety can thrive in a virtual “schoolhouse”

Chiefs for Change COO Weighs in on Challenges of Coronavirus

“The decision to reopen school facilities is a public-health decision that is out of our hands.”

During Coronavirus Crisis, How Can State Leaders Help Schools?

“Should schools run longer school days or summer school to catch students up, or should they call a mulligan on this year and start afresh in the fall?”

The Latest Info on when Schools Will Reopen

Two more states announce they will keep their school buildings closed for the remainder of the academic year, and our 50-state plus Washington, D.C., coronavirus school-closure infographic gets another update.

Betsy DeVos on Coronavirus: What Are the Feds Doing to Help Schools?

“Students who never anticipated being distance learners, and educators who are only used to teaching in a classroom, are now having to figure out ways to keep learning going.”

The Latest on when Schools Closed by Covid-19 Will Reopen

The “earliest possible return date” is pushed back, and our 50-state plus Washington, D.C., coronavirus school-closure infographic gets an update.

Sal Khan on Teaching 40 Million Kids at Home

As schools across the country closed, Khan Academy, with the support of Bank of America, pushed to create daily learning schedules for students age 4-18 and expand access to its online resources for millions.

School Accountability in the Time of Virus

Not every test is entirely out of the question, even now.

Daddy School, Week One

A parent’s plan meets reality.

Covid-19 Closed Schools. When Should They Reopen?

Expect more closures in fall 2020

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