What New York Can Learn From Israel About Education

“Schools that teach young men to reason rigorously based on the analysis of classical legal texts in Hebrew or Aramaic do not thereby equip them to function in a modern economy.”

The Supplemental Curriculum Bazaar

Is what’s online any good?

Meet the Memphis Great-Grandmother Who Confronted Elizabeth Warren About School Choice

“I dream big and I fight hard for kids,” says Sarah Carpenter

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Even More Social Engineering in New York Schools

Two more years of de Blasio is ‘plenty of time for a lot more mischief in education’

Booker Education Record Includes Much To Tout

“His position is unwavering,” a former colleague writes.

Cory Booker’s Move on Charter Schools is Both Political — and Good

It’s not hard to see the politics at play, but Booker deserves credit for calling out the Democratic party for being unresponsive to many constituents who support charter schooling.

The Winter 2020 Issue of Education Next is here!

The cover story presents findings from the 2019 Education Next Poll, revealing that support for raising teacher pay is higher now than at any point during the past decade.

New Jersey Enforces Its Amistad Law

Teaching about slavery in a state that twice voted against Abraham Lincoln.

When Race is the Primary Job Qualification for Teachers

An interview that stops at the “story” sets up employees for failure

An Antidote to the “Fever” of Social and Emotional Learning: Build from Science and Evidence, and Ask the Right Questions

A response to Checker Finn.

Professionalizing Teaching and Winning the Salary Wars

‘Grand bargain’ would feature higher pay and increased accountability.

In New Hampshire, Biden Talks Increased Education Spending

“Any country that out-educates us is going to out-compete us.”

On Education, Bloomberg Candidacy Would Be Game-Changing

“Too many politicians are afraid.” Not Mayor Bloomberg.

NewSchools Is Not Overselling Social-Emotional Learning

A response to Checker Finn.

Straight Up Conversation: A Community College and a University Rolled Into One

Utah Valley University offers career and technical education, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees under one roof, all for the average out-of-pocket tuition of $1,700.

“Inquiry Learning” May Backfire

School children are not professional mathematicians. Why would we assume that the most effective way of teaching math would be by trying to copy what expert mathematicians do?

Time To Put an Ice Pack on the Fever for Social and Emotional Learning

What happens when school leaders, teachers, and ed reformers get so preoccupied with the SEL indicators themselves that they neglect English, math, science, and history or forget how much those matter in the real world?

Democrats Dodge a Charter Question — and for a Reason

It took until the third hour of the third Democratic presidential debate for education policy to make an appearance.

Strange Bedfellows? Why School Reformers Should Rethink Teachers Unions

Unions can tell us what goes on behind the scenes.

New Red Sox Executive Credits Classics Education

“Taught me how to learn.”

How To Make the Case For School Choice

A powerful opportunity to strengthen the human connection between student and school, and to boost the power of teachers to improve their practice.

Senator Warren’s “Pretty Awful” Education Plan

She’s gone further leftward—union kissing, charter hating—than any of the other major candidates.

An Open Letter to the Board of Directors of Ascend Learning

What happened to Steven Wilson?

In India, an Education Innovation Boom

A future that’s already here.

Let Prisoners Use Pell Grants

Higher education can help reduce recidivism.

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