Instructional Coaches: The Heroes of the Golden Age of Educational Practice

Coaches can build capacity and teachers’ understanding in a way that will alter what they actually do in their classrooms.

Pension Fix Depends On Accurate Counting

How should we measure teacher longevity?

New ‘Knowledge Mapping’ Tool Evaluates English Language Arts Curricula

Tool allows education leaders to see the degree to which their curriculum builds critical background knowledge and aligns with their vision and priorities.

Latest Gates Letter Tackles Transition Away From Textbooks

Bill and Melinda Gates are out with their latest annual letter discussing their philanthropy, and a chunk of it relates to education.

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School Choice Supporters Weigh Bold Move in Florida

But some lawmakers prefer to push the choice agenda incrementally

Behind Trump’s School Choice Sentence, A Longer Story

The transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech that was released by the White House mysteriously capitalized the phrase “School Choice,” as if it were the title of a law: “To help support working parents, the time has come to pass School Choice for Americans’ children.”

We Can’t Just Invest in Building Great Curricula

We need to invest in marketing them, too.

Teacher Salaries, Benefits, and Incentives All Leading to Strike Talk in Denver

Debate is focused on a pay-for-performance program but benefit costs loom in the background.

Straight Up Conversation: AltSchool Chief Impact Officer Devin Vodicka

AltSchool partners with 25 districts and schools to implement technology-enabled personalized learning. It also operates four tuition-funded lab schools in San Francisco and New York City.

K-12 Schools Aren’t Getting Disrupted, but Markets that Provide Resources to Schools Are

Edtech entrepreneurs and school choice advocates sometimes invoke disruptive innovation as an indomitable force that will redeem and transform broken school systems.

Supreme Court Denies Review but Offers Roadmap for High School Coach Who Prayed

Four justices hint they might be willing to overturn a Scalia opinion some saw as curtailing the free exercise of religion.

How Researchers and Policymakers Can Support Better Practices in Schools

Shifting ed reform’s focus to improving practice is an acknowledgment that underperformance is not a failure of will, but a lack of capacity.

How Harvard Hurts Small Colleges

Over a quarter of existing colleges may fail in the next 15 years. Harvard is partly to blame.

Be Wary of School Reform’s Pivot to ‘Practice’

Advocates are shifting away from education policy to focus on education practice.

A Response to “Texting Nudges Harm Degree Completion”

In some settings and for some students, interventions promote beneficial outcomes.

Los Angeles Teachers Strike a Deal, But Miss an Opportunity

Every California teacher could see an immediate pay boost of $10,250 per year, if not for the state’s massive pension debt. Yet the Los Angeles teacher strike deal kicks the can on that crucial issue.

Obstacles to a Culture of Improvement

Our traditional public school system is not always hospitable to teachers or leaders willing to take risks to get better.

Texting Nudges Harm Degree Completion

Students randomly assigned to receive texts to remind them to complete the FAFSA while they are seniors in high school are significantly less likely to complete an AA or BA degree.

Is a Nation at Risk Now a Nation at Hope [sic] ?

The long-awaited report of the National Commission on Social, Emotional, & Academic Development is now out and will doubtless make some waves.

Straight Up Conversation: RAND Education Chief Darleen Opfer

Darleen Opfer serves as director of RAND Education and Labor, heading a 200-person staff that conducts research for major government agencies and private foundations.

Defining Personalized Learning and Blended Learning: Is There a Difference?

Personalized learning is a pedagogical philosophy of tailoring learning to the individual student. Blended learning involves integrating technology to deliver some content.

Academic Innovation: The Obligation to Evolve

The university has survived because it is dynamic, not static. Its ability to absorb innovations from the outside has been a crucial factor in its success.

How to Help Schools Use Evidence-Based Practices

Here’s how local communities, state education agencies, and philanthropists can help.

How to Bring Back Moral Education

It’s high time we—and our schools—refocus on character building, and philosophers can show the way.

2019 Edu-Scholar Public Influence: Top Tens

For the 2019 Public Influence finale, the top ten finishers for various academic disciplines, as well as the top junior faculty.

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