Supreme Court Rules in Favor of L.A. Catholic Schools

Win for schools, with two other decisions this term, sets stage for additional litigation.

Randi Weingarten’s Finest Hour

The teachers union leader signs a letter warning of a growing risk of “ideological conformity” in the post-George Floyd racial reckoning.

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The Key to Getting Hybrid Schooling Right

“Unpack and rethink what we’re asking educators to do.”

David Brooks, Please Don’t Give Up on Education

The trap of confusing educational attainment with academic achievement.

In Supreme Court Case, a Far-Reaching Win for Religious-School Parents

Espinoza v. Montana May Pave Way for More Direct Funding of Religious Schools

Focus on Teaching, Not Just Masks and Hand-Sanitizer

Make schools better than they were by relying more on the best teachers

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Jeb Bush: “My View Is the Schools Have To Open”

“Staying quarantined is not an option,” says the former Florida governor.

What Racism in Schools Looks Like

And how to start fixing it

Noah’s Ark College

A $340 million (or even just $40 million) plan for a new “America at its best” liberal arts college.

The New York Times Lets a Senator Spread Misinformation. Again.

This time, it’s a Kamala Harris claim about “defunding public schools.”

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New Research Shows Killings by Police Hurt Grades, Graduation Rates of Nearby Black and Hispanic Schoolchildren

Effects are larger when those killed by police are unarmed

Teacher Pension Plans and the Covid Recession

Any federal bailout should come with conditions attached

What We’ve Learned from Distance Learning, and What it Means for the Future

For improving online education, a September deadline

Access to Education Technology Is Not Enough

Three key steps states can take to make sure remote learning works for everyone

Summer “Vacation Academies” Can Narrow Coronavirus Learning Gaps

Small-group instruction, both in person and online, can give students needed support

Senator Lamar Alexander on the Response to the Coronavirus

“Washington usually messes it up if they get involved, the way they did with Common Core.”

Justices Hear Arguments in L.A. Catholic Schools Case

A sharp question from Justice Thomas: “don’t you think it’s a bit odd that – that things that violate the Establishment Clause, when done in a public school, are not considered religious enough for Free Exercise protection when done in a parochial school?”

Iconic Teacher Leader on Coronavirus Response

“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

About a Teacher

A new film written and directed by a teacher comes closer to capturing the feel of classroom life than most of its big budget predecessors.

Harvard Law Professor’s Attack on Homeschooling Is a Flawed Failure. And Terribly Timed, Too.

About that law review article that prompted the Harvard Magazine article that created the uproar.

Forty-Six States Have Closed Physical Schools Until August or September

When will in-person school resume? In most places, not for about four months, at the earliest.

“Preparing for a Second Wave of Shutdowns in the Fall”

“Video games are an amazing tool for education,” Microsoft education executive says

When Will School Reopen? The Latest State-by-State Info

Physical schools in 42 states plus Washington, D.C. are closed until at least August or September 2020. Our infographic gets an update.

Superintendent Floats Fall Scenario of “Hybrid” Reopening

Students would “attend school certain days of the week and learn from home on others.”

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