Great City Schools Chief Mike Casserly on the Urban Response to Covid-19

“There is just no substitute for students being with teachers as lessons are being taught.”

The Latest on when Schools Closed by Covid-19 Will Reopen

The “earliest possible return date” is pushed back, and our 50-state plus Washington, D.C., coronavirus school-closure infographic gets an update.

Sal Khan on Teaching 40 Million Kids at Home

As schools across the country closed, Khan Academy, with the support of Bank of America, pushed to create daily learning schedules for students age 4-18 and expand access to its online resources for millions.

School Accountability in the Time of Virus

Not every test is entirely out of the question, even now.

Daddy School, Week One

A parent’s plan meets reality.

Covid-19 Closed Schools. When Should They Reopen?

Expect more closures in fall 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Distance Learning in a Pandemic

“The more we can simplify things, the better.”

“Best Damn Class I Ever Took”

How teaching is like playing the piano

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Secretary DeVos, It’s Time to Scratch the 2020 State Tests

It’s time to waive the assessment requirements, everywhere and for everyone.

Measuring Quality of High Schools: The case for adjusting graduation rates for student disadvantage

Benchmarking against other schools with similar demographics makes for fairer comparisons

Coronavirus Closing Your Kid’s School? One Parent’s Plan for Daddy School

Play nerf basketball. Watch Ted Talks.

Searching for Precedent in Pandemics Past

“On account of the pestilence that occurred in this year, all the teachers of the boys are dead”

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Straight Up Conversation: Panorama CEO on Measuring College, Career, and Life Readiness

Rick talks with the CEO of Panorama Education, an ed-tech company whose college- and career-readiness tools are currently used each year in 11,500 schools.

Covid-19 Boost to Online Learning May Backfire

Many courses will be poor substitutes for the originals

Closing Schools To Slow a Pandemic

Balancing potential public health benefits against the cost of keeping parents away from work.

Don’t Ruin College by Making It Free

Threats to quality and innovation outweigh benefit of increased access.

New Research on KIPP Shows that Charter Middle Schools Can Improve Early College Outcomes

Attending a KIPP school led to a 10-13 percentage point improvement in the likelihood of enrolling in college

The Mismeasure of “Enforcement”

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission’s 2019 report on Civil Rights enforcement includes vast amounts of data. But its capacious understanding of “enforcement” allows it to disguise key policy choices.

Bloomberg Higher Education Plan Sends Progressive Signal

Democratic presidential candidate aims to boost low-income college access, end legacy admissions.

Defining “Patriotic History”

“It must be true, and it must be faithful to genuine moral values.”

On Education, Bloomberg Is Everywhere

Democratic presidential candidate gave more than $63 million to education causes in 2017, 2018.

Sanders Outdoes Warren in Tapping Voter Anger

Similar education policies, different New Hampshire primary outcomes

How Income Share Agreements Helped our Education School Grow

Shifting risk away from students, adding transparency

Trump Call for School Choice Echoes in Campaign Context

Janiyah Davis, meet Landel Shakespeare.

Four Things You Need to Know About Education Policymaking

Before expecting to effectively shape policy in a world full of complexity and honest disagreement, learn about the world you want to change.

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