Cooking the Questions?

The 33rd Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools

Waiting for Utopia

It’s easy to tell when someone is in the grip of a Big Idea That Explains Everything. Tunnel vision sets in; every analysis, whatever the topic, becomes an occasion for the grand theory to appear. Evidence is read and supplied selectively, in such a way that the theory re-mains unscathed. Skepticism is deployed selectively as […]

By DAVID W. MURRAY    Check the Facts  

Dodging the Questions

Somehow I expected more. When I challenged Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) and Gallup’s claim that they had discovered a “significant decline” in voucher support, I figured they would respond with detailed justifications of their procedures and findings. But they haven’t done that. Their response reads more like an exercise in public relations than a serious […]

Educational Achievement and Black-White Inequality

Does the black-white test-score gap narrow or widen through the school years? It depends on how you measure. Illustration by Janusz Kapusta. Educational Achievement and Black-White Inequality By Jonathan Jacobsen, Cara Olsen, Jennifer King Rice, Stephen Sweetland, and John Ralph National Center for Education Statistics, July 2001. Through the 1960s, African-Americans earned much less than whites—even when their cognitive abilities (as […]

By JENS LUDWIG    Check the Facts, Journal  

Fringe Benefits

There is more to compensation than a teacher’s salary

Voucher Research Controversy

New looks at the New York City evaluation

Reframing the Mind

Howard Gardner and the theory of multiple intelligences

Gray Lady Wheezing

The AFT hoodwinks the Times

No Distortion Left Behind

The New York Times education columnist gets it wrong

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