Harvard Law Professor’s Attack on Homeschooling Is a Flawed Failure. And Terribly Timed, Too.

About that law review article that prompted the Harvard Magazine article that created the uproar.

Writing Under the Influence

A critique of “Asleep at the Wheel,” the Network for Public Education’s analysis of the federal Charter Schools Program

Article On School Choice Ignores Key Evidence

Existing body of research on the impact of school vouchers is both deep and broad.

No, One Limited Study Does Not Prove School Vouchers Don’t Work

Students in the sample weren’t even participating in school-voucher programs

Debunking the Myth of the “Teacher Pay Gap,” Again

After adjusting for pensions and other benefits, teacher compensation is neither low nor falling

Comparing Public Schools to Private

Lubienskis’ conclusions rely on flawed research design

The Louisiana Scholarship Program

Contrary to Justice Department claims, student transfers improve racial integration

Questioning the Quality of Virtual Schools

NEPC report uses flawed measures

Florida Defeats the Skeptics

Test scores show genuine progress in the Sunshine State

Neither Broad Nor Bold

A narrow-minded approach to school reform

Grinding the Antitesting Ax

More bias than evidence behind NRC panel’s conclusions

The Case Against Michelle Rhee

How persuasive is it?

A Closer Look at Charter Schools and Segregation

Flawed comparisons lead to overstated conclusions

Quality Counts and the Chance-for-Success Index

Narrowing its scope to factors schools can control would give the measure greater value

By Margaret Raymond and the CREDO team    Check the Facts, School Life, Standards, Testing, and Accountability  

Fraud in the Lunchroom?

Federal school-lunch program may not be a reliable measure of poverty

Few States Set World-Class Standards

In fact, most render the notion of proficiency meaningless

The International PISA Test

States should think twice before paying for more testing. There are easier ways to compare students to their global peers.

No Choice in Milwaukee!?!

Remarkable finding by an un-credible study

The Odd Couple

Murray and Rothstein find some unexpected common ground

The Confidence Men

Selling adequacy, making millions

Debunking a Special Education Myth

Don’t blame private options for rising costs

The NCES Private-Public School Study

Findings are other than they seem

By Elena Llaudet and    Check the Facts  

Is Your Child’s School Effective?

Don’t rely on NCLB to tell you

RAND versus RAND

What Do Test Scores in Texas Tell Us? by Stephen P. Klein et al.

Deconstructing RAND

Improving Student Achievement: What NAEP State Test Scores Tell Us by David W. Grissmer et al.

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