Justices Will Hear Cases About L.A. Catholic Schools

Which teachers qualify for the “ministerial exception”?

What about the Non-Graybill Students?

A Rhodes scholar lawyer for the Montana public schools cites himself as definitive proof that they are “great.”

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Florida Teachers Seeking Pay Boost Have a Big Opportunity

Hard-working teachers deserve a big raise and talented teachers are profoundly underpaid. But teachers ought not overplay their hand, or they’re likely to face a backlash of their own.

Bye-Bye, Booker

Gone from the Democratic primary, his education policy voice may yet return somehow.

2020 Edu-Scholar Public Influence: Top Tens

For the 2020 Public Influence finale, we reveal the top 10 finishers for various academic disciplines, as well as the top junior faculty in the country.

The 2020 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

Here are the 2020 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. Also see who penned the top best-sellers and which universities produced the most ranked scholars.

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The 2020 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Scoring Rubric

In the spirit of full transparency, here’s the detailed methodology for the 2020 Public Influence Rankings, as well as answers to FAQ.

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The Five-Tool Scholar

I’ll soon be publishing the 2020 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, so I want to take a few moments today to explain the purpose of those rankings.

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Pro-Charter March Greets Democratic Debate in Los Angeles

Parents, students, education activists trail presidential candidates.

$100,000 Prize Will Reward “Teaching Excellence”

Optional weekend advanced math problems on a fifth-grade blackboard inspire appreciation, and an award, decades later.

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The Top 10 Education Next Blog Entries of 2019

At least three of our top blog posts address the presidential campaign, either directly or tangentially.

Straight Up Conversation: First American to Win WISE Prize for Education Innovation

Rick talks with Larry Rosenstock, education icon, the founder and CEO of High Tech High, and recent recipient of the WISE Prize for Education, about what he’s learned after a half century in education.

In the News: There Is a Right Way to Teach Reading, and Mississippi Knows It

In the New York Times, Emily Hanford writes that “Mississippi was the only state in the nation to post significant gains on the fourth-grade reading test” in the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress.

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In the News: The Things That Do – and Don’t – Motivate Kids to Succeed

The BBC has an article with a look at “which is better for helping children learn”: intrinsic motivation (“natural curiosity”) or extrinsic motivation (“linked to reward”)?

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Information About Student Growth, Not Just Average Test Scores, Can Sway School and Housing Choices, an Experiment Shows

The kinds of data that school information websites emphasize can influence families’ decisions, with consequences for segregation.

What New York Can Learn From Israel About Education

“Schools that teach young men to reason rigorously based on the analysis of classical legal texts in Hebrew or Aramaic do not thereby equip them to function in a modern economy.”

The Supplemental Curriculum Bazaar

Is what’s online any good?

Meet the Memphis Great-Grandmother Who Confronted Elizabeth Warren About School Choice

“I dream big and I fight hard for kids,” says Sarah Carpenter

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Even More Social Engineering in New York Schools

Two more years of de Blasio is ‘plenty of time for a lot more mischief in education’

Booker Education Record Includes Much To Tout

“His position is unwavering,” a former colleague writes.

Cory Booker’s Move on Charter Schools is Both Political — and Good

It’s not hard to see the politics at play, but Booker deserves credit for calling out the Democratic party for being unresponsive to many constituents who support charter schooling.

In the News: Elizabeth Warren Meets School Choice Activist Howard Fuller

Buzzfeed has a report on a presidential campaign event of Senator Elizabeth Warren in Atlanta that was disrupted by protesters urging support for charter schools. Longtime school choice activist Howard Fuller was on the scene and, according to a photograph posted on Twitter, met with Warren before the event.

The Winter 2020 Issue of Education Next is here!

The cover story presents findings from the 2019 Education Next Poll, revealing that support for raising teacher pay is higher now than at any point during the past decade.

In the News: Math Scares Your Child’s Elementary School Teacher — And That Should Frighten You

In the Los Angeles Times, Daniel Willingham tackles a problem of teaching math: “teaching deep understanding to elementary students requires that teachers have that understanding themselves. Studies consistently show many don’t.”

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New Jersey Enforces Its Amistad Law

Teaching about slavery in a state that twice voted against Abraham Lincoln.

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