Straight Up Conversation: Emily Krone Phillips on Chicago’s ‘Freshman OnTrack’

In Chicago, the metric Freshman OnTrack is more predictive of high school graduation than 8th grade test scores, neighborhood, race, or family income.

In the News: Sanders Chooses Teachers Unions Over Black Voters

By taking on charter schools Bernie Sanders may be alienating black voters.

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In the News: Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT

The rise reflects parents trying to give their children an edge.

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In the News: Morehouse Commencement Speaker to Pay Off Class of 2019’s Student Loans

In the days since the announcement, lots of questions have been raised about how the gift will work and who most deserves assistance.

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Is School Segregation Really Getting Worse?

A body of rigorous research finds that segregation has been relatively flat, or even declined, over the past few decades.

What Warren Phillips and George Kelling Had in Common

The former Dow Jones CEO and the “Broken Windows” author both were memorable teachers at Harvard Kennedy School.

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The Disruptive Playbook for Bootcamps to Upend Higher Education

An unbundled higher education system could focus on helping learners earn and learn, as opposed to the existing pattern of learn and then later, maybe, earn.

In the News: New Democratic Divide on Charter Schools Emerges, as Support Plummets Among White Democrats

The divide may factor into the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination and into debates about education reform.

Straight Up Conversation: Trade School Impresario Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner is president of North Bennet Street School, a 138-year-old trade school serving 150 students each year in Boston.

Can We Design Student Loan Forgiveness to Target Low-Income Families?

How different approaches to loan forgiveness, including plans put forward by members of Congress and presidential hopefuls, would distribute benefits to Americans of different income levels and races and ethnicities.

Biden, Harris, on Campaign Trail, Press School Shooting Issue

“There was a high school student, a young woman, here after the event who was crying on my shoulder–crying big tears– because she has had to go through those drills and she is afraid,” Senator Kamala Harris said.

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Biden Backs Two Years of “Free” Community College

“Twelve years of education is not enough anymore,” Biden said during a midday event on May 13 in Hampton, N.H. He cited his wife, a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, as saying, “any country that out-educates us will out compete us.”

How Changes in U.S. Reading Instruction Compare Internationally

Four interesting takeaways from “Measuring Innovation in Education 2019.”

If Education Advocacy Were More Like Pharmaceutical Ads

Imagine the disclaimers and warnings about potentially harmful side effects of today’s promising practices and reform initiatives.

In the News: DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Florida’s Fifth School Voucher Program

An earlier voucher program in Florida kicked off a massive legal battle.

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In the News: Ron DeSantis Touts Florida Vouchers Ahead of Planned Bill Signing

A titanic legal battle raged for nearly seven years over an earlier school voucher program in Florida

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How to Fix Teacher Pensions

It is possible to re-design defined benefit pension plans so that they offer adequate retirement benefits to more teachers.

In the News: TalkingPoints Awarded Google Grant to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication

TalkingPoints will use the funds expand its use of AI-enabled translation to help parents who do not speak English communicate with teachers.

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Straight Up Conversation: CEO Benjamin Heuston provides a publicly funded, home-based kindergarten readiness program to 15,000 children in Utah annually.

In the News: Parents Voice Concern Over Sale of Basis Independent Schools

A private school chain connected to the high-flying charter network is sold to Chinese investors.

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What Michael Bennet Did for Denver’s Public Schools

A U.S. senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, announced today that he is running for president.

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Discipline Doves Hassle Charters, Too

The crusade against school suspensions is now warring against schools that successfully educate thousands of poor and minority kids.

Federal Education Research and Development: A Brief, Opinionated History

With its tiny budget, the Institute for Education Sciences cannot come close to addressing the ignorance gaps in this key realm of our national life.

School Reform Is Simpler – And More Complex – Than We Think

What are the gears that can turn strategic plans into powerful engines of student learning?

Making Sense of the Lousy Test Results in Louisiana’s Voucher Program

Recent Louisiana Scholarship Program test scores look pretty grim. But there are three important caveats to keep in mind.

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